Where I Need To Be

I’ve been noticing lately that I’m finding myself exactly where I need to be in different parts of my life. Hindsight is 20-20 but I’m even beginning to recognize it in the moment as well.

Last year, when I desperately wanted to grow my family after finally moving out of an apartment, my sister helped me find the perfect little puppy for our lifestyle, in the perfect timing for us to spend glorious weeks off enjoying him.

My new little one will be coming with good timing as well. I’ve been present at work for transitions and training when I needed to be, and even though I’ll be out during an important season for the company where I worry about things changing in my absence, I know that the timing of my parental leave is going to be soothing to my soul. If I’d have been out earlier on in the year I would have missed out on meeting and onboarding a bunch of new people, and wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to influence our training process. So far I managed to make it to all of the end of year events that I wanted to and now I’m waiting on the actual delivery. It’s hard to be patient without knowing an actual timeline for when I can expect things to happen, but whenever it does, I’m sure it will be more perfect timing.

My home came with perfect timing. I’ve now been living in it for an entire year, which is hard to believe. If we’d chosen differently we’d be living in a different area, or just thinking of moving into a new house. If either of those were the case, we probably wouldn’t have the puppy or the new one on the way. I ended up with a situation I couldn’t have anticipated to be as good as it was.

Even when I was sitting in my parents’s house, worrying about the hurricane on its way toward us, I was there, in that house, and able to help prepare for the storm. I might not have been excited about the fact that I left instead of sticking out the weather, but I was able to be there and do something.

You Are Here
Photo by John Baker on Unsplash

I’ve consistently found myself exactly where I need to be: to learn, to grow, to help, to share. I want to focus on recognizing these moments as often as I can, and using them as effectively as possible.

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