Doing Your Best At What You Love Best

One of the things that I get the most passionate about is giving people a chance to do something with their life that they want to do. In an ideal world, I would want everyone to be able to spend their days doing the things they are the best at, the things they enjoy, the things that make them value themselves.

I am motivated to do my best to make life better for others. When I can accomplish something that makes a positive difference to someone else, it I feel like I matter to the rest of the world, like I have an impact. I have a job that allows me to make a difference on a small scale, and that job gives me fulfillment. My job is not the only thing that fulfills this desire in me, but I wish everyone were able to have a career where they do feel fulfilled. It’s part of who I am to want to help fix other people’s problems (even if I need to practice healthy boundaries when doing so). It comes from my protective and empathetic nature.

A lot of people I know spend their days in jobs that are not healthy for them. I wish I could change that for them. No one should have to be in a job where they are subjected to unwanted stress or are doing a task that they take no pride or pleasure in. Not only that, but I wish people could do the things they value, that add value to the world, even if it is not a traditional job. Whether that is something like being a parent, traveling, or volunteering.

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Some people (especially at the college I attended) like to use the word “vocation” to describe this type of calling. The thing that drives or motivates a person can change over time, but because a vocation is the thing that gives them a sense of accomplishment and meaning, it seems wise to pursue it. Perhaps we might not always be able to spend time on our passions, but it always drives us in the background of whatever we do. We work hard to afford the trips we want to take. We study hard to afford the jobs we want to have. We use our gifts to benefit the things we value the most.

I’m in the middle of combining two jobs where I get to fulfill my calling: being a software engineer, fixing bugs everyday, and being a mother, solving problems for my son. I’m glad that I’ve been given the opportunity to spend days and nights doing something that I love. Now the challenge for me is to balance between the two, but nothing else could be more fulfilling.

Regardless of what it is you love to do, just the fact that you are passionate about it should be motivation enough to put your whole attention towards it. Even if you are having an off day, putting your best foot forward in a task you were made to do compounds that feeling of fulfillment. And if you aren’t doing what you love for a living, take a look at how to make that happen, or focus on how your job empowers you to do what you love.

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